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Student Referral Program

Looking for a Training but do not have Money ?
Now get your training sponsored by your friends

How does it work?

  • You Refer your friends who might be interested in talking a training on Salesforce
  • You get 100 Referral points for each Referral who enrolls with us for any training program
  • You can redeem these Referral points to enroll yourself any of our training programs and enhance your skill-sets
  • You can also get your friends /relatives/colleagues enrolled with these referral points
Here is the list of programs and the points required for enrolling in the different training programs.
Course Referral Points Required
Admin + Developer Training 500 Points
Developer Training 300 Points
Admin Training 300 Points
Sales Cloud Training 500 Points
Service Cloud Training 500 Points
Integration Training 500 Points
  • You can also redeem your available referral points in prorated basis and pay the balance to enroll for a training, in case you do not have enough referral points for a training program.

    For example: If you have 300 Referral points and you want to enroll for Integration training, you can redeem your available 300 referral points, which is 60% of all the points required and you will only need to pay 40% of the Integration training fee.

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    By creating an account, you can refer your friends for any of the training programs with us and can get Referral points which can be used for enrolling in other training programs by you and your friends /relatives / colleagues.

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